I'm looking for a freelance assistant. Please share the below description with anyone you think would be a great fit. (I've heard the boss lady is awesome...)


ABOUT ME:   I’m a prop-stylist and creative director based in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.  I tell stories with stuff and work with a wide variety of media outlets, ad agencies, and brands, such as The New York Times, InStyle, GQ, Partners & Spade, Warby Parker, West Elm, Rebecca Minkoff, and J.Crew.  My full client list can be found here.


WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME (AND, IDEALLY YOU):   I love working with awesome people. I have deep on-going relationships with my clients and work with them to deliver the best possible visuals and highest level of satisfaction. My clients look forward to spending time with me and I enjoy close friendships as well as close advisory relationships with them.

Personality:    I’m looking for someone warm and friendly who can hang - someone who is truly comfortable in their own skin, but knows when to speak-up and when to lean back.  This is also hugely important when it comes to connecting with sources who provide props and materials.  The shy, overly chatty, or super sarcastic need not apply.

Quality:   My focus is detail.  On the get it right versus get it done scale, I skew towards the far end of “get it right.” I’d rather do something 99% right as opposed to getting it 75% right in much less time.  Of course, there’s never one best answer when it comes to creativity…but I still like to get it right.

Curiosity and Intellectual Chops:   I talk about objects and surfaces and colors and shapes with a nerdy glee. I scour the world, both online and off, for the right stuff. I like learning new techniques and would love to both mentor and learn from you.


ABOUT YOU:   I anticipate that you will have 1-3 years of prop styling assistant experience. A college degree or a couple years of design, fashion, painting, photography, or similar experience is preferred, but I’m more than willing to teach the right individual who wants to learn. Client experience is also very useful. As my assistant, I expect you to have a variety of skills, characteristics, and interests.  The ideal candidate would be strong on all of the following dimensions:

Motivation:   I don’t expect you to be 100% sure that you want to be a prop stylist, but I do expect you to be passionate about going the extra mile and doing a good job as if your future depended on it.

Communication:   You have strong written and verbal communication skills – both in person and on the phone, and are fantastic at listening, taking direction, and asking questions when you don’t fully understand something.

Taste:   I don’t expect you to have my taste, but I do expect you to have an informed, sophisticated aesthetic opinion. 

Organization:   Plain and simple, you're an extremely organized person.  Your ability to think ahead and anticipate needs is already honed.  Your computer, your home, your life is mostly in order.  You like putting things "where they go" and you aren't prone to losing anything.  I deal with objects by the hundreds (and receipts by the hundreds too). 

Time Management:   Shoot days are typically 10-12 hours meaning you may need to both come early and stay late to make it happen.  The "always late" or "had to pull an all-nighter" types need not apply.

Calm Flexibility:   You deal with ambiguity and change well.  You don’t get overly stressed when the unexpected happens, you figure out how to correct it, and take pride in how calm you are when you pull it off. 

Art:   You have a passion for creating compelling ways to visualize information.

Business:   You don’t just understand art, you understand business. For clients, you can think like a marketer or advertiser.  For me, you can help juggle purchasing and renting items within client budget constraints, expense documentation, and invoicing.

Additionally, you should have your own laptop, own and be proficient in Microsoft Office (including both Word and Excel), and have lived in NYC, Brooklyn, or Queens for at least a year.



· Helping source, rent, and buy props, furniture, sets, surfaces, plants, flowers, and supplies according to project plans

· Scheduling shipping, and messenger pick-ups and deliveries

· Packing and unpacking props in my studio and on-set at photoshoots

· Maintaining organization during photo/video shoots

· Assisting me on-set to provide the best possible services to the client, photo/video team, and other personnel on-set

· Helping manage expenses according to project plans

· Compiling rental and purchase receipts (scans + Excel)

· Helping invoice clients

· Occasionally attending client meetings

· Occasionally running errands during shoots

· Looking for ways to improve service and efficiency


To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to mgmt@brookmanharris.com